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Due dates Approaching for First Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports [posted 11/16/18]

Dec. 14 is the support/amendments due date for the financial 2019 First Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports (Sept. 1 – Nov. 30). Duplicates of the quarterly reports will be sent by means of electronic record exchange (EFT) on Dec. 18. The online quarterly report affirmation shape (with required dissension revealing included) will be accessible Dec. 18 and must be presented by Dec. 31.

For more data, see Veteran Workforce Summary Reports and Veteran Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038).

Update – Check Direct Deposit Settlement Dates [posted 11/16/18]

State and government occasions with no booked USAS cycle that are recorded on the System Outages and Holidays timetable are rejected while deciding the immediate store settlement date of an installment.

Since monetary establishments are shut, no immediate store movement happens on those days. Offices must bar these dates while deciding when to process their installments to guarantee incite installment and stay away from late installment intrigue.

Update – Warrant Pickup Available 8 – 10 a.m. on Nov. 21 [posted 11/16/18]

Update – USAS/TINS File Submission [posted 11/16/18]

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Amazon Sunday Shipping launches Sunday Delivery

Enables Sunday Delivery for residential addresses in 100 cities across India

Bengaluru, April 27, 2015: After pioneering One day delivery, Two day delivery, Release day delivery, Midnight Delivery, now launches Sunday Delivery across 100 cities in India. In line with its vision to be India’s most customer focused company, brings Sunday delivery promises for residential addresses for all FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) products at no extra cost. Customers on can thus count Sunday as a regular day for receiving deliveries from Beginning with 100 cities, will continue to expand the Sunday delivery promise to other cities.

how to file a claim with usps

“Providing our customers with a fast, reliable, anytime and anywhere delivery experience is one of our key pillars to ensure customer delight. Our innovations in delivery, be it One Day, Two Day, Same Day, Release Day, or Midnight Delivery, stand proof of our commitment to continuous work backwards from customer needs and innovate on their behalf. With our Sunday Delivery promise, customers across 100 cities now have the benefit of getting uninterrupted deliveries of their orders through the week,” says Samuel Thomas, Director Transportation and Logistics, Amazon India.“We are very proud to be the first ones in India to offer Sunday Delivery at this scale. This capability now allows us to make faster and more accurate promises to customers,” he adds.

ups mobile app

Customers while placing an order can select an address marked as “Home” and see Sunday delivery promises during checkout. A customer ordering with One-Day delivery on Saturday and selecting a residential address will now see Sunday promises instead of Monday promises that were shown earlier. Subsequently, Sunday promises will show up during Checkout if the delivery promise falls over the weekend or if it’s the fastest that they can get their ordered item.

Sunday Delivery for residential address has been launched with Same-Day delivery, with One-Day delivery, with Two-Day delivery. In addition, customers choosing standard (2-4 days) delivery to residential addresses served by Amazon Logistics will see Sundays being considered as a working day while computing delivery promises.

amazon sunday shipping

Along with innovations in delivery, has also focused on increasing selection available to customers for next day delivery. Today, over 700,000 products are available for next day delivery across eligible pin codes in several cities on Nearly 75% of our customer demand is already eligible for next-day shipping on products fulfilled by amazon.

Consumers on and Amazon’s mobile shopping application can shop anywhere with ease and confidence from over half a million products across a broad range of departments including Books; eBooks and Tablets; Movies and TV shows; Kindle Devices, Computers and Accessories; Mobiles and Accessories; Consumer Electronics; Toys and Games; Baby Products; Health and Personal Care products; Watches; Fashion Jewelry; Home and Kitchen products; Beauty Products; Video Games; Music; Luggage and Bags; Handbags and Clutches; Sports, Fitness and Outdoor equipment; Shoes; Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s wear; Pet Supplies; Gift Cards; Large Appliances, Gourmet and Specialty Foods, Kids Party Supplies, Musical Instruments and Professional Audio; Office and Stationary Supplies store; Precious Jewellery store and Car and Bike Store. Consumers across several cities in India are increasingly enjoying’s guaranteed next-day delivery on over a million products fulfilled by Amazon.

fedex tracking number example

All Consumers on benefit from a safe and secure ordering experience, convenient electronic payments, Cash on Delivery, Amazon’s 24×7 customer service support, and a globally recognized and comprehensive 100% purchase protection provided by Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee.

How To Track A Usps Package Without Tracking Number

If you were the sender, it would be paramount for you to leave the PO with the tracking number in your possession. One answer said that all priority mail has a tracking number. That is true in my experience. If you went to the postal window with a package that you had pre-addressed, they would weigh it and charge you the postage. They would ALSO apply a sticker with a tracking number to the package.

Media mail shipping

This may be true even if it is NOT sent via Priority. Generally, they should offer you a receipt with this tracking number on it. If you were the addressee and have not received the package, check with the sender. Some catalog/online companies make it a point of “making good” on these cases by sending a duplicate order and making sure you receive a tracking number. If the sender has repeated difficulties sending to a specific area, they may modify their practice and INSURE the shipment. That gives the recipient (who would pay a larger postage amount) some protections, but there would still be a few “hoops to jump through” to receive your item or compensation. If it was ordered online, you would generally expect to receive tracking information from the sender.

ups next day shipping

In a matter of fact, there is no other way but providing your tracking number to track your package at present. But the shipper is always supposed to put the tracking number on the doortag if the delivery attempt is failed. I suggest you contact the sender and let he/she tell you the tracking number or call corresponding courier customer service for help and demand action. I know they have a system through which you can get your tracking number, but this really depends on if they are kind enough to help u find it.

sunday delivery service

Probably, the fact is that its really a waste of time to call for one data from millions. By the way, there is a tool named trackingmore All in one package tracking tool has added its new features in its app which can be downloaded on Google Play and etc. in your cell phone. The new thing is that you can receive tracking information by simply scan the bar code on your receipt. Don’t know your guys have heared about it or not. It is interesting, I think!
If you lost your Priority Mail Express® receipt, you should get assistance from your local Post Office™ or the Post Office that you mailed your Priority Mail Express item from.

how to track a usps package without tracking number

If you lost your USPS Tracking™ receipt, we will not be able to verify the delivery status of your item without the number from the mailing label or receipt. This is because the only record of a confirmation of delivery is that mailing receipt. No record of the transaction is kept at the Post Office.

USPS Goes Green

While we work year-round to lessen our ecological effect, we appreciate taking a day every year to praise our achievements and recollect what regardless we need to achieve.We as of late discharged our 2014 Yearly Supportability Report.  usps opening hours This report is vital to guaranteeing straightforwardness and following our authoritative advance. We urge you to take a look!This year, we commenced the report with an uncommon meeting including our Postmaster General Megan Brennan and Boss Manageability Officer Tom Day.See the initial few inquiries and replies beneath, and stay tuned for section two! Q. The Postal Administration made the tracking number Workplace of Supportability in spring 2008. What has the office accomplished since then?A. Megan Brennan: To start with, I might want to recognize the endeavors of my forerunners, Jack Potter, who made the Workplace of Maintainability, and Pat Donahoe, who championed its endeavors. I, as well, am pleased with and bolster the activities that advance a culture of preservation inside the Postal Administration. Given the scale and extent of our association, we accept there is a commitment to be a maintainability pioneer. Read more here Since 2007 we have accomplished a 15 percent diminishment in our degree 1 and extension 2 nursery gas emanations. Amid a similar period we diminished office vitality use by more than 31 percent. I might want to thank the workers who did their part and made a move to make these achievements a reality. Q. What are some key activities that are helping the Postal Administration turn out to be more sustainable?A. Tom Day: A few activities have added to our prosperity. Our conviction is that so as to accomplish transform, one must gauge, set targets and report comes about. We gather and report three separate nursery gas inventories. The first is with our government peers through the Nursery Gas Extensive Stock and Vitality Detailing activity. The second is with our industry peers at the Worldwide Post Partnership, and in conclusion with our business peers at The Atmosphere Registry. What’s more, we likewise report advance in a Vital Maintainability Execution Arrange, the Workplace of (US postal information)Administration and Spending Scorecard and the Worldwide Revealing Activity list. Each of these endeavors facilitates our straightforwardness. Past measuring and revealing, we are resolved to change by executing particular projects that will have any kind of effect. The national reusing operation will institutionalize the junk expulsion and reusing endeavors of the Postal Administration. Whenever finished, we will move our preoccupation from landfill to reusing from under 50 percent to more than 90 percent. Our underground stockpiling tank program is tending to the single most prominent ecological danger of the Postal Service.We are evacuating, and where monetarily supported, supplanting our stock of underground stockpiling tanks, a procedure important to guarantee that we are legitimately putting away gas and diesel fuel. At last, we are tending to the issue of environmental change through a cross-utilitarian environmental change adjustment plan to ensure our arrangements and approaches represent the effect of atmosphere hazard. Q. How does supportability fit inside the Postal Service? (click here)A. Megan Brennan: The Postal Administration’s central goal is to give trusted, moderate and widespread mail administration to the general population of the Unified States. Conveying to each home consistently implies doing our part to deal with groups in which we live and work. Manageability activities are an incredible case of how we can reinvigorate the way we serve our clients and the general population by continually looking forward as an association, expecting the changing needs of our clients, and adjusting as fast as we can to an advancing world.

return to sender usps

usps vs ups

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USPS Delivered Big At CES 2016

The Shopper Gadgets Appear (CES) — where the world’s makers, designers and providers display the most recent in customer innovation—was as of late held in Las Vegas. As the debut worldwide stage for displaying custom developments and leap forward advancements, CES did not disillusion this year. USPS displayed its most imaginative new offerings among the world’s top tech companies.”The Buyer Hardware Demonstrate permits us to meet with clients from over the globe to demonstrate to them how the Postal Administration is utilizing innovation and our foundation to better address their issues,” USPS VP of Offers Bluff Rucker disclosed to Customer Gadgets Daily.Emphasizing the message, “We convey for your business,” USPS mailing and transporting specialists were close by at the extraordinarily composed USPS stall where they highlighted regular postal mail publicizing and sending alternatives that must be found at the U.S. Postal Service.For buyers to find out about all the most current item advancements presented at CES, any business, from new companies and business visionaries to enormous box retailers must promote. Also, regardless of the considerable number of marvels of innovation, the most recent and most noteworthy tech items need to discover their way under the control of holding up clients. That is the place USPS regular postal mail publicizing comes in.USPS’s Purchaser Electronic Show 2016 FocusHere is a more intensive take a gander at what the Postal Administration advanced at CES:Delivering information Clients know right when their new item lands with way to-entryway following and continuous conveyance notifications.Delivering customersFast, trustworthy transportation choices make fulfilled clients who continue coming back.Delivering capabilities.Free bundle get six days seven days guarantees shippers can encounter exactly how simple it can be to get their item under the control of the buyer with compelling mail.USPS standard mail with uncommon surfaces, configurations, hues and expanded reality highlights makes for energizing and luring advertising.But, CES isn’t just about business – it’s likewise about fun! Also, the Postal Administration conveyed enormous on fun too.Over 150,000 participants had the chance to contend in “Pack It” – a mammoth, intuitive computer game made by USPS. The goal of the amusement was to pack a truck rapidly and augment its size. Amid the four days of presentation, the amusement was played more than 1,400 circumstances! Maybe the best some portion of the amusement was its imaginative method for keeping participants connected with at the USPS corner. While in line, participants were given the chance to add focuses to their score by noting Postal inquiries. The diversion was an enormous hit, with new players venturing up to play each few minutes.Among the 3,600 sellers taking an interest in Las Vegas this year, USPS ventured up to the fervor, expanding the chances that the freshest and most wanted tech gadgets will be publicized, sent, and conveyed by none other than the U.S. Postal Administration.

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fedex ground holiday schedule

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HOw To Put Mail On Hold During Vacation

How to Hold Mail While On Vacation (USPS Delivery Options and Advice)
Every time I am about to take an extended trip, I stop to consider what to do about our mail while away from home. With email and paperless (electronic) billing so common, I certainly receive less snail mail of a critical basis than in years past. However with charity requests, catalogs, sale circulars, and other bulk (junk) mail received almost daily, my mailbox tended to fill up in a matter of days. So do I…

Put the mail on hold at the US Post Office (local branch)
Let it pile up in the (never quite large enough) mailbox
Ask a family member or trusted neighbor to pick it up regularly
Why I’ve Put My Mail on Vacation Hold
House Mailbox – Vacation Hold?
As someone who prefers not to inconvenience others, in the past I have usually put our mail on hold with the post office. It seemed like the most secure and convenient option and costs nothing. Unfortunately my success rate while living in at several addresses in Pennsylvania (house and townhouse) and California (apartment and condo) has been mixed. Therefore I have gone back and forth among these three options to ensure that our mail does not overflow the box. The last thing I want to return home from vacation to is missing or lost mail.

I take lots of vacations and for the majority of situations, holding my mail worked. Twice my mail was never held as requested, but somehow it all fit (was shoved) in our mailbox while on a 10-day trip. Once our accumulated mail was not delivered to our home as of the return date (the date I picked for the mail service to resume). Therefore I had to make a special trip to the post office during business hours which was not fun.

fedex holiday schedule

ups and usps

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USPS Tracking

The United States Postal Service (USPS) was born out of a principle that every citizen has a right to a low cost and reliable delivery service. The system now delivers 213 billion items to 156 million addresses annually.

Company Development

USPS Tracking – Copyright by USPSUSPS dates back to 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as Postmaster General and the service provided was immediately recognised as vital to the development of a vast, newly emerging nation. Since its early beginnings the business has been constantly adopting new technologies and methods of transportation to help it live up to the motto, ‘Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.’ The early introduction of free delivery for newspapers ensured that literacy rates were the highest in the World for many years and loss making deliveries to the remotest communities ensured that knowledge was passed quickly and efficiently enabling the country to develop very rapidly. The Pony Express started in 1860, cutting days off delivery times in some areas, but lasted only 18 months before it superseded by the transcontinental telegraph line. Rural Free Delivery in 1896 and then Parcel Post in 1913 enabled the new concept of mail order shopping to take off, used by as much as 25 percent of the population in its early days.

Airmail began in 1918, originally using army planes and personnel, but this was taken over in 1920, and formed the basis for the US air industry today. The number of items being sent grew rapidly from the 1930s to the 60s and a search for more efficient systems lead to the introduction of the Zone Improvement Plan, commonly known as ZIP codes. In 2001 a business alliance was formed with FedEx Express which allowed USPS to improve its services without adding additional costs. The business remains as a standalone branch of the US Government and is self financing; competing for trade in the communication, distribution, delivery, advertising and retail markets.

The Delivery Process

USPS uses Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) to label the items it carries with a unique identity in the form of a fluorescent pattern on the back and a black version on the front. This is completed automatically by machines that can read hand written or printed addresses. The collection and delivery service follows a standard spoke and hub format to connect sorting depots in ever increasing sizes. The hubs are divided into; Network Distribution Centres, Auxiliary Sort facilities, Sectional Centre Facilities and Destination Delivery Units. Distances of under 200 miles are generally covered by trucks and vans, while anything further away is transported by air. The USPS system is used by companies like UPS and FedEx where it fits in with their schedules, particularly to rural areas, which brings in additional revenue. Similarly, UPS has an agreement to deliver first Class and Priority Post for USPS across 98 US cities. The company now employs over 700,000 workers to handle the annual load of 213 billion items.

USPS Pricing

USPS Schipments – Copyright by USPSThere are a number of different mailing options with USPS with price dependant upon the service, size and weight of the item. Express Mail is used for letters, envelopes, tubes and packaged items with a two day delivery schedule including basic insurance. Priority Mail is slightly slower but cheaper; both options have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds and length of 108 inches. First Class Mail does not set a specific delivery time period although it does not normally exceed three days. Parcel Post is described as the affordable and reliable way to send packages, but again with the same weight and size limitations of Express Mail. Media Mail is usually the cheapest option but is limited to books, manuscripts and other readable media formats.

Package Safety

There are a number of additional features that can be included in the delivery service by USPS which enhance the security of the item being sent. The services are Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and additional insurance cover up to a value of $1,000. These allow for the tracking of high value items and proof that the package has been posted and received in the case of disputes.

USPS Tracking Options

USPS uses a system known as CONFIRM to track items through its delivery process, which uses the IMb – Intelligent Mail Barcodes, printed on the packages, that provide a unique code for each one. The IMbs are read by a Intelligent Mail Devices (IMDs) which feed the information into a central database. The IMbs are read at each hand over along the route, either by fixed or hand held units, which provides an accurate way of determining when each stage is reached. The customer has different levels of access to the tracking data dependent upon the level of service that they purchased. If Priority Mail Express was selected then entering the label number will provide point-by-point tracking information; USPS Tracking, Certified Mail and Registered Mail will show when it was despatched for delivery. IMb technology can also be used to track incoming mail and also identify the sender. In addition, there is the ADVANCE system which provides a series of reports for companies that are sending out bulk mailings of advertising material and periodicals. This can provide useful information on the intended audience, incorrect addresses and confirmation that the service purchased was achieved successfully. This replaces manual publication tracking requests and provides a much higher level of information at a reduced cost.

By combining forces with other companies that might be seen as competitors USPS is managing to remain financially secure and independent. Despite the growing use of the internet the volume of items that are being delivered is still increasing year on year.

Should the tracking service not work, our support team and the support team of the shipping companies would gladly help you.

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amazon prime sunday delivery

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